What is MTSE?

Motion Talent Search Examination is a unique way in itself to pool the most talented students of the country and groom them to pave the way to success. MTSE not only assess how well students understand the concepts they have been taught; it assesses their thinking and problem-solving skills needed for success in Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology and Mental Ability.

MTSE is developed annually by a team of highly experienced Competitive Exam experts and Gurus, with rigorous reviews at each stage of preparation. Subject matter experts develop new questions each year, drawing on their in-depth understanding of the way students learn.

Why is MTSE being Used by Schools Nationally?

Educators in over 13 States are tapping into MTSE to enhance student and school performance.

They are using their MTSE data to:

  • Track individual and cohort progress as they move through school, and compare them to regional performance.
  • Motivate students with this information to identify student and cohort strengths and weaknesses in specific skill areas, which can drive better targeting of teaching.
  • Reflect on aspects of each student’s capability and gain independence, external validation of internal assessment.
  • Identify students who complete school-based assessments well, but appear to find exam scenarios challenging.
    It provides a great platform for students to analyze themselves and gear up for future.
  • Proper guidance is required to polish these brilliant students MTSE will help you to search them and Motion will support you to groom them.
  • A successful student of a school will inspire more as a role model and will improve results which in turn improve the brand image of the school.
  • Ultimately it is a win-win situation for all the three – Student, School and Motion Education PVT. LTD.

Building The Skills Needed for a Fast-Paced Future

MTSE is brought to you by Motion Education Pvt. Ltd, a leader in the provision of education, assessment and expertise services at 600 government-owned schools for the upliftment of education in the country.

Motion Education Pvt. Ltd has operated in the field of education from past 10 years and they have been providing their services in schools like Jawahar Navoday Vidhyalaya, Army Schools and 25 government schools in rural areas with CFCL as CSR Project.

Motion Education Pvt. Ltd has continued to develop and refine MTSE from its original offering in 2009.
MTSE has grown from being a student only assessment program to a strategic, data-driven program for students, parents, educators, and government.